Designed with users in mind

Android Sync Framework (ASF) creates business applications that operate anytime and anywhere, regardless of the availability and quality of network connections.

Endless connectivity

Connects to any software, back office, ERP, CRM, accounting, stock control etc.
Ability to connect simultaneously to more than one sources.

World Class User Interface

Super easy and dynamic.
Adapts according parameters, data properties and data availability.
Usable even at 3.7 inches.

Stunning Sync

Αutomatic or manual.
Εxtremely fast.
Supports filtering, conflict resolution, logs and monitor.

ASF Works Perfectly on All Android Devices

You can use any consumer or rugged smartphone/tablet.

Did you know ASF is usable even at 3.7 inches?


Collect key information and provide real-time access to patient vitals, diagnostics, imaging and more at the point-of-care.


Plant floor, field operations and warehouse environments.

Transportation and Logistics

Unprecedented visibility into every corner of your operation


From the back of the store, to the sales floor, and everywhere in-between, you need mobile solutions to empower your workforce and improve process efficiencies.


Restaurants and hotels need to employ the latest technology solutions to keep up with changing consumer preferences and increasing demands.


Capture data, for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making.

Law Enforcement

Provide law enforcement and parking enforcement officers with fast, accurate options for issuing electronic tickets for traffic, parking, permit or other types of infractions.

Field Operations

Improve customer satisfaction with a lower cost per interaction by keeping service representatives connected with colleagues, customers, management and the tools they use to satisfy customers across the supply chain.

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