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Unlimited features and flexibility and unparalleled customer support.

Mobile Order Taking

PocketSales helps improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Use a mobile device to show new products to customers and to quickly create orders and quotes whilst on the road, even when offline.

Ex Van Sales / Route Accounting / Direct Store Delivery

PocketSales allow you to reduce paperwork and create more time for more customer visits per day or increased levels of customer service. The elimination of paperwork and re-keying of data reduces errors and speeds up back office functions.

Mobile Warehouse Data Collection

PocketSales makes your warehouse more accurate and efficient. Allows users to execute their daily inventory transactions with complete mobility.

Mobile Money Collection

PocketSales allow you to collect cash and cheques either for specific open items or on account, automating the salesman’s end of day money reconciliation.

Build Your Business Using Any Document or Money Type

You can setup any document or money type that you need for your business, even if does not exist in your back office.

Order, Order Return, Proposal, Οffer, Τender, Service Slip.
Invoice, Return, Load, Unload, Load Request, Adjustment, Waybill, Vending Machine Stock Replenishment.
Stocktake, Inventory, Shelf Replenishment, Import of goods, Export of goods, Stock Transfer, Receipt of goods from suppliers, Price verification and printing of shelf tags.
Receipt, Payment, etc.

Build Your Business Using Any Pricing Policy

You can use any pricing policy, even if does not exist in your back office.

Special price per customer per product.

Percentage Discounts: Per customer per product, per customer per product category, per customer category per product, per customer category per product category, per customer category, per customer, per product, on payment method etc.

Promotions are taking place on a list of products for multiple quantity purchase levels, for an unlimited number of levels: Free Quantity and Discount Percentage.

The above can also be applied on specific price list.

Is PocketSales right for your business?

Have An On-the-Go Team

Mobilize efforts and stay in constant communication by having an interconnected team network where they can receive constant updates, no matter their location. PocketSales can create the perfect system tailored to the needs of your sales teams, so they can access the most up to date and relevant information all in one place.

Business Automation

By selecting PocketSales, you have a complete transaction management system to allow more efficient customer service. Avoid misuse of your employees talents by creating a way to collect data that is generally filled through paperwork.


PocketSales allows employees to have all the necessary customer and product information available so they don’t waste any time.

Analytical Insights

PocketSales has the capability to provide detailed reporting that can be reviewed regularly to provide better planning, follow-up and collaboration in order to boost client relations and employee performance.

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